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India, with an ancient culture and heritage, has inherited a variety of cuisine-incomparable & unsurpassable. What makes eating Indian food an adventure is the sheer diversity.

The Punjabi tandoor is a cylindrical clay oven that is heated by a wood or charcoal fire. It “braais”, smokes roasts the meats with a distinctive charcoal flavor & the breads are cooked on its walls, it is commonly used in South and Central Asia and throughout the Middle East, both to bake bread and to cook meat.

In the tandoor, food is exposed to live fire convection cooking; meats are punctured on a metal skewer and placed into the heated oven; fat and juices from the meat drip on the wood or charcoal adding a distinct flavor to its smoke.

Our authentic cooking takes time and effort. All our dishes are cooked fresh to order. Our food is exotically delicious and the flavor demonstrates the freshness.